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31 maj 2005

Some info about the birth of Maya

Maya was born on April 30, 2005 at about 6 am (yep, I was up all night - I really hope she will be grateful later...

... on in life, say, when she is 16 and grounded for another 2 years) - and her full name will be Maya Louise Heinicke, we hope she will like it, and "no" Louise (my sister) "Feodora" is not an option!

Unfortunately the delivery was not without its little quirks, but everything is great now and both Susan and Maya is doing very well. The mother is still a nagging, demanding, moody persona, but I think it is probably just some hormone leftovers from the pregnancy - I do wonder, though, when it will disappear, hmm....

When she was born she was 51 cm long (or short) and her weight was 3.130 g - and I don't know how many pounds and ounces that is but roughly 6 pounds. Yesterday she was weighed by the visiting nurse and now weighs 3.650 g. So she gains weight as she should, perhaps even a bit more so we will probably introduce you to the Michelin baby in a few months if she keeps up with this appetite.


Flot hjemmeside og flot at I kan klare at få det op og køre så hurtigt efter fødslen. Vi hører og læser at det går hastigt fremad - det er dejligt! Vi glæder os til at følge familiens liv og levned på heinicke.dk.

BTW... nagging, demanding, moody persona. Don't worry about it. It will pass.. it will pass! :-)

Sendt af: Mads, Helle & Jesper | 22 maj 2005

Susan, Anders and Maya,
What a beautiful family you are...keep up the good work!! Bethany shared your photos with us...so special and we are so happy for all of you!!
Love, The Winklers

Sendt af: Karen and Ed Winkler | 31 maj 2005

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