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28 december 2005

Happy New Year

medium_vores_englebarn_2.jpgSo X-mas has passed and New Year is coming up. We had a wonderful X-mas in the Winter Cottage (can't really call it a summer cottage this time of the year now can we) with both sets of grandparents and Susan's granddad Rudolph... (and yes, that is his name).

Berfore the year ends we will wish everybody a


(slightly delayed, but hey it is our blog) and a


15 december 2005

Newsletter now available

As you can see in the right coloumn (unless I have moved it when you read this, which is an option) it is now possible to sign up for a Newsletter. I have no idea what happens though. It is a new feature availabe, so I activated it and I suppose it sends out the comments we have added within the timeperiod if any (it is set to be sent every month). But I don't know for sure what will happen. I guess we will see within a month...


X-mas is near...

medium_sitting_in_bed_1.3.jpgSo time has passed again - it has a tendency to do that quite ignorant of our perceptions of it - ah, well... so what has happend in the litlle house on the 5th floor...

Læs mere...